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Engineered by vapers, for vapers!

The team at CrossBone have created a marvellous vaping experience for the advanced vaper with the 24mm “Ghoul”.  Packed full of innovation and safety features, this mech will keep you going for longer. The body is made from anodized aluminium for light weight and high conductivity, with a top insert made from brass, fitted with our propriety technique, which allows for longer 510 thread life.  In the event of the battery venting gasses, there are two vents at the top of the mech and four vents at the bottom of the mech, in the button.  Both the top and bottom vents are designed to receive the battery vent gasses through sets of plenums cut into the mech body, top insert and button housing, to avoid a swelling battery from closing off the vent holes.  The top vents are positioned and aligned to allow a view of the protruding 510 pin touching the battery.  This gives the vaper an opportunity to eliminate a non-protruding or too short 510 pin from creating a battery short and exceeding the battery delivery capacity, by touching both positive and negative at the same time. The Ghoul's inner walls are insulated by the anodizing process and nitrile o-rings insulate both the top and bottom of the mech, to prevent an accidental short as a result of broken battery wraps.  Every Ghoul is shipped with both a safety button and a competition button. The safety button has a twist on/off position and it is recommended to use this button if carrying or storage could cause accidental firing.  The competition button is straight shanked for reliable every time firing.  The button is magnetic and has a square shank, which allows for greater contact area, eliminating hot buttons and springs.  To help with the cleaning of the button and the change of battery, the button was designed to be removed and disassembled without the need of tools, a thumbscrew keeps everything together and the Crossbone logo accepts most small change coins as a tool to loosen.  Please note not to use the coin to reinsert the button assembly into the mech, the CrossBone logo was chamfered is such a way to provide just enough finger grip to tighten the button assembly to the battery.  To avoid the button from potentially wedging in its own body and causing a misfire, the head of the button was machined as a ball-joint to perfectly move inside the housing.   For ergonomic reasons the entire tube was cut has with a fine pitch thread on the outside for a better and sold grip in sweaty and oily conditions. 


- Aluminium body

- Brass 510 thread

- Insulated

- Safety button for traveling

- Competition button

- Magnetic Button action

- Safety plenums to prevent pressurizing from venting batteries

- Single 18650 Tube Mech


Although we do all our own anodizing in-house to achieve the best quality and results, anodizing by its nature is not a perfect process and as such very small aberrations could exist in the colouring on a individual mech and slight colour variations could exist between every batch.